Torsional Robotic Cable

LAPP developed cables specifically for robot applications that transmit control and monitoring signals as well as power. This robot cable has the ability to withstand the extreme flexing, torsion, and bending stresses associated with robotic functions.

The specially formulated polyurethane (PUR) jacket used for these cables provides protection in the harshest industrial plant environments preventing downtime and associated costs. The surface quality also prevents adhesion to adjacently installed cables.

Growing use of robotics in manufacturing, material handling, and other areas has driven the need for robot cables.  LAPP cables are built to withstand harsh industrial environments.  These cables are further engineered to support the unique robotic challenges of torsion and other demanding movements stemming from added twisting actions.

ÖLFLEX® ROBOT F1 (C) with copper shield is designed for use where EMI emissions need to be suppressed.

ÖLFLEX® ROBOT 900 P is a multi-conductor control and signal monitoring cable. ÖLFLEX® ROBOT 900 DP has a tinned copper spiral shield and is designed for use where EMI emissions need to be suppressed.

ETHERLINE® TORSION is a 2-pair CAT.5 industrial Ethernet cable designed for hi-torsion stress applications.  It has been tested with more than 1 million bending cycles and a right/left movement of 180° per meter.