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Standards, Directives & Guidelines

Q: What impact has the introduction of the revised NFPA 79 standard in the USA with regard to the use of certified “UL AWN recognized” cables in industrial machinery?
Q: Where can I obtain an UL certificate for OLFLEX and UNITRONIC cables?
Q: Why don’t all OLFLEX and UNITRONIC cables have a CE mark?
Q: How and where I can obtain an IMDS data sheet (International Material Data System) for a Lapp article and what is the purpose of these data sheets?
Q: Which Lapp cables are approved for use in hazardous or explosive environments?
Q: What exactly are "intrinsically safe circuits" and what cables can be used in such circuits?
Q: Is it true that only cables with a blue outer sheath must be used in "intrinsically safe circuits"?
Q: Do we have certificates if a customer requests a confirmation that our Lapp products comply with the RoHS directive or REACH regulations?
Q: What cables are UL WTTC listed?
Q: Are products that are rated CE automatically "HAR"?
Q: Can "HAR" cables be produced in the US?
Q: What is the UL & CSA rating needed to be able to install the cable in overhead tray?
Q: Does CSA have the same standards as UL for machine wiring?
Q: What is REACH?
Q: What is the purpose of the CCC certificate (China Compulsory Certificate) and to which products does it apply?
Does UL dictate what cables are being installed out in the field?
Who controls the cables that are being installed in the field?
If the cable is UL listed, is it allowable for use on a machine?
What's special about MTW approvals?
Is NFPA79 a law?
Is the industry going to become standardized with the 2012 edition of the NFPA 79?
Can I run MTW cable into building infrastructure?
What's special about MTW approval?
Are all MTW cables oil resistant?
Can the cable be left exposed when going from the machine to the cable tray?

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