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SKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable Glands

Q: Where can I find dimensional drawings for SKINTOP® products?
Q: Where can I find the certificates for UL, CSA, VDE, CE, RoHS, etc.?
Q: What are the UL E-file numbers for the SKINTOP® products?
Q: What are the resistance properties of polyamide SKINTOP® glands?
Q: What size hole is required for installing my SKINTOP® gland?
Q: What torque value should be applied to the SKINTOP® gland to attain the proper degree of protection and strain relief?
Q: What is the UL Flame rating of the polyamide SKINTOP® glands?
Q: What is the UV resistance of the non-metallic, polyamide SKINTOP® glands?
Q: What is the maximum weight the SKINTOP® glands can support?
Q: What is meant by PSI?
Q: Why are 2 temperature ranges listed for the non-metallic, polyamide SKINTOP® glands?
Q: Which SKINTOP® products come standard with an o-ring?
Q: Why aren’t o-rings provided with NPT glands?
Q: Why don’t locknuts come standard with NPT glands?
Q: What are the selling points regarding inquires on long-life warranties?
Q: Where can I find 3D drawings for SKINTOP® and what are they required for?
Q: Are customized versions of SKINTOP® possible (varying designs)?
Q: Are tightening torques fixed values, or can they also be smaller values?
Q: How high may the deviation of the clamping area be for SKINTOP® DIX-M multiple sealing inserts?
Q: What has to be noted when selecting a cable entry?
Q: What does UL94 mean and what is this standard used for?
Q: Are there any CCC or GOST approvals for SKINTOP® products?
Q: What is a multiple trapezoidal thread for SKINTOP® plastic versions?
Q: What is the vibration control for?
Q: What is the history behind SKINDICHT® and SKINTOP®?
Q: What was the development process behind our SKINTOP® cable entry?
Q: Which approvals and guidelines do SKINTOP® cable entries meet and what are they for?

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