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SILVYN® Flexible Conduit

Q: Can a protection conduit system protect cables against heat?
Q: Why are there no article numbers for SILVYN® CHAIN energy guiding systems in the catalogue?
Q: Where can I find the correct locknuts for SILVYN® conduit glands?
Q: Where can I find the CE Declaration of Conformity for SILVYN® products?
Q: Which conduits can I use outdoors?
Q: Why can I not connect a SKINTOP® cable gland with a protection conduit?
Q: Can I install protection conduits into hazardous areas?
Q: Can I also use SKINDICHT® accessory parts with screwed conduit glands?
Q: Why can I not connect any conduit gland to any protection conduit?
Q: Where can I find the UL-files for SILVYN® protection conduit systems?
Q: Why can't I sell cut-length orders for protection conduit systems?
Q: What does "AGRAFF Profile" mean?

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