FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems

Lapp Cable Marking Systems

Make sure your wires, cable, and control cabinets have durable, readable identification that lasts. LAPP's FLEXIMARK® cable and wire marking system can quickly and easily generate simple inscriptions, labels, or markings either manually or using FL-Soft Cable Marking Software.  

This highly versatile system comes in a variety of quality materials to accommodate both indoor and outdoor cable marking applications, including durable stainless steel for high-temperature and harsh environments. It is also simple to assemble, even in tight, hard-to-reach spaces. That means you can have quality, durable cable marking wherever you need it.  

LAPP offers a variety of perforated labels in many different styles to fit individual application requirements. We also have different styles of collars, such as transparent and halogen-free, which is perfect for use before mounting the wire. FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems are available as separate items or as a convenient starter kit. Or, choose to create your own custom labels for on-site marking. FL-Soft Cable Marking Software is especially suitable for data cable marking.

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Marking Software Solution

Our software allows you to design and print your cable marking on either a laser office printer or a thermal transfer printer.