Remote Access Ports

OSHA in conjunction with NFPA 79 defines safe work practice for employees working on or around live voltage. Personnel, who have not been certified as trained and wearing approved personal protective equipment, shall not open panels over 50VDC to program a device within a panel.

Remote Access Ports provide programming access without opening the panel to allow you to comply with:

Standard and custom configurations are available. These include:

  • AC outlets
  • Circuit breakers
  • DIN couplers
  • Phone jacks
  • D-sub connectors
  • Key lock switches
  • Computer data storage devices

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Lapp delivers a complete range of interconnect options for remote access ports. If you have custom access port requirements, simply fill out the electronic form provided and one of our systems expert will contact you.

HBE 6 Remote Access Port

HBE 10 Remote Acces Port

HBE 16 Remote Acces Port