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New Dual Voltage-Rated, Flexible VFD Cables- May 2015


The Lapp Group’s new ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL, UL TC-ER rated motor cable is a robust, oil-resistant shielded design for use with variable frequency drives.

Also available with a pair for brake or temperature, the ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL comes with XLPE (plus) insulation and a phthalate-free TPE outer jacket that gives the cable maximum flexibility, low capacitance and flame-retardant properties. ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL is dual rated for applications ranging from 600 to 2000 volts, which allows a single cable to serve in a wide range of applications.

The ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL features a specially-formulated thermoplastic elastomer jacket and conductors made from finely stranded tinned copper. Its cross-linked polyethylene insulation provides superior electrical properties and allows the cable to withstand heat generated by overcurrent conditions common with VFD’s. Shielding for the ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL seriesincludes barrier tape, triple layer foil tape and tinned copper braid.

The motor cable has a test voltage of 6000 volts and minimum bend radius of 7.5 times the cable diameter. Ideal applications include VFD drive and motor connections for pumps, compressors, conveyors, elevators, extruders, pressers and HVAC especially in industrial environments.


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Lapp’s New Hybrid Servo Cables Support HIPERFACE DSL- March 2015

Hybrid cable

The Lapp Group has developed two new hybrid servo cables designed to meet the requirements of the emerging HIPERFACE DSL® control architecture. The OLFLEX® SERVO FD 7DSL features a polyurethane jacket for use in cable tracks, while the OLFLEX® SERVO 7DSL from Lapp is PVC jacketed for fixed installations. Both products meet HIPERFACE DSL® standards and have UL AWM approvals.

Hybrid servo cables tend to use either PVC or polypropylene core insulation systems. Lapp’s new servo cables have a polypropylene insulation, which delivers better electrical properties than PVC.  The superior electrical properties mean that polypropylene insulation can be substantially thinner than PVC for a roughly 20% reduction in overall cable diameter.

According to Lucas Kehl, product manager at the Lapp Group, servo system designers have traditionally not paid much attention to the cost of the cabling. Says Kehl, “The upfront and lifetime costs associated with power and signal cables can represent a significant portion of the total outlay for a servo system. And the smaller the servo system, the more the cable costs matter. Fortunately, the up and coming new HIPERFACE DSL control architecture can reduce the lifetime costs of servo cabling by more than 35%.”

HIPERFACE DSL® is a digital servo architecture that uses a single hybrid servo cable for both power and signal. This cable contains a shared signal pair for the motor feedback and temperature signals, both of which are modulated for transmission. This streamlined approach to cabling eliminates the need to buy, install and maintain standalone encoder and resolver cables.

Both of Lapp’s new hybrid servo cables are resistant to temperature extremes, oil and flame. OLFLEX® SERVO FD 7DSL additionally resists UV light and offers a tight bend radii that can facilitate smaller, more economical cable tracks.

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Lapp USA Launches New Catalog Tablet App- February 2015

catalog app

Lapp USA’s new app serves up the latest edition of the Lapp catalog on tablets enabling customers to quickly and easily browse through thousands of automation cables, connectors, assemblies and accessories.

Available in both iOS and Android, the new app allows users to share products with others, order a product sample and request a price quotation. Personal bookmarks and memos can also be easily set for later reference.


The iOS version is available on the Apple App Store.


The Android version is available on Google Play.


Cable Bushing Maximizes Density, Minimizes Installation Headaches- November 2014


The Lapp Group’s new SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI cable bushing allows combinations of up to 23 electrical cables or pneumatic lines to pass directly through the enclosure wall, solving the common problem of trying to bring all the necessary power and signal connections into today’s increasingly complex electronics enclosures.


SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI system places a rigid, glass-reinforced nylon frame into a standard-sized cutout in the enclosure wall. Inside this rectangular frame is a polycarbonate insert with gel-filled hole for the cables or lines to pass through, which is an industry first. The gel allows the cables to be easily inserted through the holes while create a lasting seal around the cables and provide strain relief.


Available in two versions, CUBE MULTI maximizes wire density for a given size cutout. For example, one version can pack 23 cables, ranging in size from 6 to 9 mm, into 36 x 112 mm cutout, which is the standard size for a 24-pin industrial connector.


The second version squeezes two fewer cables into the same cutout and it supports more varied combinations with room for nine 3 to 6 mm cables, nine 6 to 9 mm cables, two 9 to 13 mm cables and one 13 to 16 mm cable.


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Lapp Develops New Cable Glands for Hygienic Manufacturing Environments- August 2014

skintop inox

The Lapp Group’s new SKINTOP® INOX cable connector prevents microorganisms and bacteria form sticking to its surface, making it ideal for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.


Made from food-grade 316L stainless steel, the INOX features enclosed, sealed threads, and exterior surfaces without gaps or protruding features, to prevent the trapping of particulate or microbes. The number of tooling flats, which blend seamlessly with the surrounding housing surfaces, have also been reduced to just two. Additionally, the new INOX cable glands also feature integral food-grade silicone o-rings for IP 68 protection at 5 bar.


Lapp’s new INOX hygienic glands meet all the high performance and ease-of-use standards expected from its SKINTOP® products, including:

  • Operating temperature range of -30 to 100ºC.
  • Wide clamping range of 7 to 13 mm with M20 x 1.5 threads.
  • Compliance with ISO 14159 standards for machinery hygiene


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