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EPIC MH Connector

Rectangular Connectors Help IIOT Transform Factory Automation

Industrial Internet of Things is progressively transforming production with intelligent machines and systems that exchange data, signal, and power. The proliferation of networking technologies in the “smart factory” naturally raises the question of how best to connect the digital realm with physical machinery. But as IIOT develops, cables and particularly connectors will not only become more important, they will be indispensable for a long time to come.

While cables enable machine-to-machine communication quickly and without interference, machining stations are becoming increasingly modular and occasionally require re-arrangement to accommodate different production needs. For this reason, connectors are replacing hard wiring because they can easily be released and re-inserted elsewhere when necessary.

Flexibility Drives Sustainability

Within IIOT, the automated smart factory demands more sustainable industrial connectors that can meet stringent demands such as those associated with significant movements like vibration, speed and acceleration — most notably in drag chains or robots. Sustainability is just as important, and means built-in flexibility to accommodate machines’ expanding capabilities such as retrofitting a robot with a camera for quality inspection.

LAPP is embracing this aspect of IIOT with easily expandable connectors. The LAPP EPIC® MH modular connector, for example, can accommodate a wide variety of cables with connector modules for power, signal, and data. When a machine adds a new function, designers can easily implement a new module or replace it with a different one. Any combination of inserts is possible, and users can select from up to 138 million housing variations. This flexibility is particularly beneficial to sectors that are industrializing on a large scale, like the food industry.

In addition to exhibiting exceptional adaptability and flexibility, the EPIC® MH series also features:

Power ratings up to 200A and 1 kV.
Data rates up to 10 Gbit/s.
A modular frame with an easy locking assembly. Leading industry-standard modules can also be mounted with an adapter clip.
Connectors Are Poised to Handle Current and Future Functions

Advances in Industry 4.0 will create a growing need for flexible and adaptable methods to convey signals, data and power in real-time for the ever-changing factory floor. Unlike hard-wiring, rectangular connectors can easily adapt to machines’ modularity and expanding functionality. LAPP's EPIC® MH series boasts outstanding flexibility which makes it well-suited to handle the smart factory’s wide range of stringent requirements as well as virtually any future demands.

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Florham Park, -  New continuous flex cable with lots of talents and approvals.

With the new ÖLFLEX® CHAIN TM series Lapp brings a product to the market that combines the special design for continuous flex applications and the valuable benefits of tray cables for manufacturers. The cable is in the Core Line performance class and is ideally suited for continuous use in power chains with moderate to high travel paths and acceleration, in non-stationary machine parts, in linear robots and handling systems, and in wind turbines (Wind Turbine Tray Cable).

This new product line is equipped with the specially formulated thermoplastic polymer jacket and several approvals. The two UL listings of MTW (Machine Tool Wire) and TC-ER (Tray Cable-Exposed Run) in particular allow for flexible, standards-compliant use of the cable in industrial machines, as well as fixed installation in open cable trays with one and the same cable. Due to the c(UL) CIC/TC approval it is also a valuable alternative for Canadian tray applications.

One cable for track and tray which provides another valuable option to our product range for continuous flex applications. Thanks to the strand made from extra-fine copper wire from conductor class 6 and the special stranding technique, the cable can be used in constantly moving applications in drag chains involving up to 5 million bending cycles, as well as moderate torsion applications in wind turbines involving rotational angles of +/- 150° per meter.

On the shielded CY version, tin-plated copper braiding provides reliable protection against electromagnetic influences and ensures compliance with EMC regulations.

Your advantages at one glance:

·         Suitable for cable track applications

·         Optimized flex life due to the specially formulated  thermoplastic polymer

·         Suitable for TRAY applications, no conduits needed

·         UL TC-ER and UL MTW & c(UL) CIC/TC

·         More attributes: PLTC-ER, ITC-ER, UL Oil Res I/II, sunlight resistant and direct burial


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Rugged Design For Harsh Environments
 Florham Park, November 3, 2017 - The 7TCE features a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket, as well as cross-linked XLPE insulation that can withstand high temperatures up to 105°C. In addition to being UV- and oil-resistant, the 7TCE is flame retardant and can resist harsh cleaning solutions. 

The cable features a low-capacitance design, enabling long-distance runs with limited losses in current and voltage. The nominal voltages are 600V (UL TC-ER) and 1,000V (UL Flexible Motor Supply) and a minimum bend radius of 6 x cable diameter. The 7TCE passed all cold and crush impact tests and is compliant with North American and European standards, including UL TC-ER, c(UL) CIC, CE and RoHS. 

The 7TCE is recommended for motor connections between servo controllers and motors on industrial machines, tray applications and moving machine parts, assembly handling and integrated production systems. 

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New EPIC Covers and Products Provide Superior Corrosion Resistance


Florham Park, NJ,  Lapp Group USA has introduced enhancements to its EPIC® ULTRA rectangular connector housings with new covers and models aimed at the food and beverage industry or any other application that requires electrical connectors with high levels of corrosion resistance.


This corrosion-resistant HA family of housing is UL-50 Type 4, 4x, and 12 rated and IP65 approved. Its die-cast zinc and nickel-plated surface creates a conductive shell around the housing that virtually eliminates all EMC. The housings are available in several styles, including top and side entry hood, panel mount base, cable coupler, 90-degree surface mount base and 90-degree panel mount base with stainless steel screws for inserts.

Used with EPIC ULTRA bases and hoods, these high-quality, durable covers are made out of an FDA-approved, corrosion-resistant material and feature stainless steel levers and bolts. These covers are available in several sizes and surface mounts, including single lever and double lever, and their blue color provides excellent visibility.

Lapp’s EPIC® ULTRA rectangular connector housings feature a nickel-plated zinc housing, nickel-plated brass body and stainless-steel hardware. Together, these corrosion-resistant materials make the connector a good fit for applications that would simply be too harsh for traditional aluminum connectors. These applications include wind turbines, washdown machinery, offshore equipment, chemical processing lines, telecommunication installations and for use in many other heavy industrial equipment. EPIC ULTRA’s housing also enhances electrical shielding performance and resists damage.


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Sixth Annual “Leadership In Automation” Awards Recognize “First Team” Honorees


CHICAGO, IL - January 16th 2017 – PMMI Media Group’s Automation World magazine is pleased to announce the First Team category leaders in the 2016 Leadership in Automation Program.

Automation World, the leading business magazine serving automation professionals, launched this community-based program in January 2016. Automation professionals were invited to vote for their favorite automation vendors in unaided-recall surveys.

Over two dozen categories are featured, representing the wide variety of automation technologies, software and products in use by today’s manufacturing professionals across the discrete, batch and continuous process manufacturing industries.

Lapp Group was awarded a place on the 2016 First Team in the following categories:

Cables, Connectors, I/O Modules

Jim Chrzan, Publisher of Automation World, shares his enthusiasm. “Our First Team Honorees represent not only best-in-class product innovation but also superior customer service. Congratulations to the honorees! And thank you to the end-users who took the time to vote for their favorite solution providers.” Leadership in Automation First Team Honorees will be recognized in Automation World’s  January 2017 issue, available here: http://www.automationworld.com

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Oil- and Abrasion-Resistant Cable For Industrial Machine Tools


Florham Park, NJ – January 10, 2017 – Lapp Group USA announces its new ÖLFLEX® 409 P PUR control cable for oil- and abrasion-resistant industrial machine tools and appliances.

A special interstice filling functional layer on a special PVC base enables more efficient and reliable stripping and ensures improved stripping characteristics, reduction of damage to core insulation, less subsequent manual processing and reduced material waste – compared to common PUR jacketed cables. This results in time and costs savings.

Thanks to a robust polyurethane outer sheath, this cable delivers increased durability under harsh conditions. ÖLFLEX® 409 P is also resistant to contact with many mineral oil-based lubricants, diluted acids, aqueous alkaline solutions and other chemical media.

In addition, this cable is made up of a fine-wire, bare copper conductor, special PVC core insulation, twisted-layer cores and a special outer sheath of polyurethane with an interstitial functional layer.

Other technical features include:

Intermittent flexing temperature range from -5 to 70°C
Fixed installation temperature range from -40 to 80°C
Test voltage: 4000 V
Minimum bending radius:
Flexible use: 12.5 x outer diameter
Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter

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Flexible Cable For Drives, Motors and Assemblies


Florham Park, NJ – May 25, 2016 – The Lapp Group is now offering its new ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL SYMMETRICAL motor and drive cable for high horsepower applications—including pumps, compressors, conveyors, elevators, extruders and more. Rated for voltages as high as 2,000 V, this large gauge cable offers three symmetrical grounds and features a helical copper tape shield.

This robust, oil- and UV-resistant cable delivers a minimum bend radius of 15 x cable diameter. It also offers a low-capacitance design, a test voltage of 6000 V and class B stranded wire conductors.

The cable’s construction includes bare stranded copper conductors, XLPE plus insulation, three bare stranded copper grounds and the helical copper tape shielding. In addition, a specially-formulated black thermoplastic elastomer jacket provides extended temperature resistance from -40 to +105°C for stationary use and -25 to +105ºC for flexible use.

This cable meets key approvals including:

·         CE (50V - 1kV)

·         RoHS

·         TC-ER per UL 1277

·         WTTC per UL 2277

·         UL Oil Res I/II

·         90°C Wet or Dry

·         -40°C Cold Bend, -25°C Cold Impact

·         Canadian CIC/TC rating (1 AWG - 4/0)


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New Metallic Cable Gland with FDA-Approved Material


Florham Park, NJ – February 5, 2016 - Featuring FDA approved material for a wide range of food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications, the Lapp Group introduces the new SKINTOP Hygienic stainless steel cable gland.  This gland meets IP68 and 69 standards and is designed to withstand high pressure and high temperature washdowns.

With special design features that prevent microorganisms and bacteria from sticking to the surface, Skintop Hygienic has a temperature range from -20 to 100°C. In addition, this model has a polyamide insert and special elastomer sealing element for food and beverage safety.


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