LAPP US Continuous Flex Test Method Earns UL Verification

 Approval - UL A522492 Cont Flex verified bold cropped Aug 2019

Florham Park, NJ

LAPP USA's Continuous Flexing Test Method has earned a UL Verification. The test methodology was carefully developed at a state-of-the-art research and development test laboratory at the company's newly renovated 130,000 square-foot manufacturing plant. LAPP is the first company to receive a UL Verification for a Continuous Flex Test Method.

LAPP’s Continuous Flexing Test Method, which addresses the growing requirement for increased movement in automated systems, is based on years of testing experience and customer feedback. The tests are conducted in a controlled environment which emulates end-use applications in order to determine and evaluate a product’s continuous flexing characteristics and performance. LAPP rates all of its products on a stringent set of standards and classifies motion types into precise Continuous Flexing (CF) categories defined in the Cable Attributes section of our catalog.

UL performed a detailed audit of our continuous flex testing methodology claims of CF-01, CF-02 and CF-03. The UL audit included requirements of calibrated specialty equipment, a well-trained staff and controlled documentation in compliance with ISA 17025. UL Verification of the Continuous Flex Test Method — already a de facto standard used by contractors, designers, equipment manufacturers and end users across the industry — confirms LAPP’s leading position in manufacturing high-quality flexible cables and its ability to meet and exceed customer expectations.

To read the Verification, visit: LAPP's UL Verification.

You can also view LAPP's Cable Attributes for Continuous Flexing Cables here: Cable Attributes Page.

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