SKINTOP® Cable Glands Offer NSF Approval for Food Applications

In this blog post, we’ll explore how NSF-rated components—like our SKINTOP® cable glands—can benefit your food handling application.

When it comes to food and beverage machines, you already know bacteria can grow in unexpected places—including your cables and connectors. It’s important to pay close attention to these often-overlooked places by selecting cable components with NSF International approval.

Certified to NSF 169

Cables and connectors that meet NSF requirements are suitable for food handling and processing equipment, including filling systems in dairies or breweries, as well as other sensitive areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. For use in these applications, our SKINTOP® cable glands now feature the following NSF ratings:

  • HYGIENIC Series—NSF 169 for use in food zone
  • INOX Series—NSF 169 for use in splash zone and non-food zone

Hygienic by design, these cable glands are constructed from stainless steel and feature smooth, edge-free surfaces that prevent fluids from accumulating and microorganisms from gathering. They also resist seawater and can withstand harsh cleaning agents in line with ECOLAB requirements.

Optional NPT Thread Provides More Benefits

Providing even more hygienic benefits, our SKINTOP® cable glands are available with a special NPT thread design. Most self-sealing pipe threads contain a gap at the intermediate connection while part of the outer thread remains visible. Food can easily settle in this gap, causing bacteria to grow. Our NPT design contains no gaps or visible thread—eliminating this risk.

To learn more about our NSF 169-certified SKINTOP® cable glands, visit our product page.

Watch the SKINTOP® HYGIENIC product video