Rugged Design For Harsh Environments


The 7TCE features a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket, as well as cross-linked XLPE insulation that can withstand high temperatures up to 105°C. In addition to being UV- and oil-resistant, the 7TCE is flame retardant and can resist harsh cleaning solutions. The cable features a low-capacitance design, enabling long-distance runs with limited losses in current and voltage. The nominal voltages are 600V (UL TC-ER) and 1,000V (UL Flexible Motor Supply) and a minimum bend radius of 6 x cable diameter. The 7TCE passed all cold and crush impact tests and is compliant with North American and European standards, including UL TC-ER, c(UL) CIC, CE and RoHS. 

The 7TCE is recommended for motor connections between servo controllers and motors on industrial machines, tray applications and moving machine parts, assembly handling and integrated production systems. 

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