Picking the Best Continuous Flex Cable for Your Application

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 Picking the Best Continuous Flex Cable for Your Application

Make your continuous flex cable selection easier using LAPP’s NEW online toolkit.  Quickly find the best solution with the correct specification for your needs – with our one-stop ÖLFLEX® Continuous Flex Cable and populated chain educational resource.

Simplify your research using LAPP’s performance charts and cable specifications, informative white papers and instructive videos on critical areas like calculating bend radius and cable carrier design. Easily locate the technical resources you need to better understand these key factors for selecting a continuous flex cable or populated chain.


Keep valuable guidance at hand with LAPP’s downloadable bend cycles chart - you can estimate this key measurement - using temperature, travel distance, and other data.  Now you can find the right cable for your requirements almost anywhere.

To ensure you are getting the best continuous flex cable with the correct specifications for your application – simply use the wide range of data, tools and resources available.  Plus find out how LAPP expertly designs and rates our own ÖLFLEX® Continuous Flex Cables to lead the industry.


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