ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7FTC provides servo encoder/feedback connection without conduit


The single-cable solution for servo applications.

The ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7FTC goes from cable tray to cable track – no need for costly conduit, saving time and expense.

Servo motors are known for precision and energy-efficiency.  A high quality encoder/feedback cable connecting the drive to the motor is crucial to their operation. Industrial servo applications can include harsh operating conditions so robust cables are vital to reducing production downtime.  LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7FTC meets and exceeds these requirements.

The ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7FTC is a continuous flex cable rated CF-02 by LAPP’s UL Verified Continuous Flex Test Method.* Its impressive cable attributes also include:

·         Oil resistance rating of OR-03

·         Mechanical protection rating MP-03

·         Flame resistance of FR-03. 

Our XLPE (Plus) insulation provides low capacitance to allow the ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7FTC to be used for long cable runs – valuable for servo applications where the drive is often located in the distant cabinet to centralize equipment monitoring.

UL approvals:  CMG, and ITC & PLTC (22AWG – 16AWG)

The ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7FTC product line supports many well-known motor and drive manufacturers.

Provides maximum utilization with a wide range of gauges, and numbers of conductors and pairs.

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*UL Verified ID A522492