New continuous flex cable with lots of talents and approvals.

With the new ÖLFLEX® CHAIN TM series Lapp brings a product to the market that combines the special design for continuous flex applications and the valuable benefits of tray cables for manufacturers. The cable is in the Core Line performance class and is ideally suited for continuous use in power chains with moderate to high travel paths and acceleration, in non-stationary machine parts, in linear robots and handling systems, and in wind turbines (Wind Turbine Tray Cable).

This new product line is equipped with the specially formulated thermoplastic polymer jacket and several approvals. The two UL listings of MTW (Machine Tool Wire) and TC-ER (Tray Cable-Exposed Run) in particular allow for flexible, standards-compliant use of the cable in industrial machines, as well as fixed installation in open cable trays with one and the same cable. Due to the c(UL) CIC/TC approval it is also a valuable alternative for Canadian tray applications.

One cable for track and tray which provides another valuable option to our product range for continuous flex applications. Thanks to the strand made from extra-fine copper wire from conductor class 6 and the special stranding technique, the cable can be used in constantly moving applications in drag chains involving up to 5 million bending cycles, as well as moderate torsion applications in wind turbines involving rotational angles of +/- 150° per meter.

On the shielded CY version, tin-plated copper braiding provides reliable protection against electromagnetic influences and ensures compliance with EMC regulations.

Your advantages at one glance:

·         Suitable for cable track applications

·         Optimized flex life due to the specially formulated  thermoplastic polymer

·         Suitable for TRAY applications, no conduits needed

·         UL TC-ER and UL MTW & c(UL) CIC/TC

·         More attributes: PLTC-ER, ITC-ER, UL Oil Res I/II, sunlight resistant and direct burial


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