CableWorld Magazine

Cableworld is a publication produced by the Lapp Group and intended to open the door to the Lapp Cable World.


Featured stories include product development and innovations, Lapp cable applications, customer success stories, global news, corporate initiatives and much more.


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CableWorld - Issue 1/2015
(PDF 2.8 MB) - Download as PDF
Foodstuffs - Insight into the Food and Beverage Industry
CableWorld - Issue 2/2014 CableWorld - Issue 2/2014
(PDF 2.3 MB) - Download as PDF
Factory 4.0: Revolutionizing Production Plants
CableWorld - Issue 1/2014 CableWorld - Issue 1/2014
(PDF 4.0 MB) - Download as PDF
Robotics: Triumph of Artificial Intelligence
CableWorld - Issue 2/2013 CableWorld - Issue 2/2013
(PDF 3.4 MB) - Download as PDF
Networking: How the Digital Revolution is also Changing Production
Cableworld - Issue 1/2013 Cableworld - Issue 1/2013
(PDF 1.9 MB) - Download as PDF
The moment we at Lapp had been eagerly awaiting for months lasted just three seconds - the unveiling of the new ÖLFLEX®.
Cableworld - Issue 3/2012 Cableworld - Issue 3/2012
(PDF 1.7 MB) - Download as PDF
Siegbert Lapp celebrates his 60th Birthday, Solar Decathlon Europe, Skintop Innovations
Cableworld - Issue 2/2012 Cableworld - Issue 2/2012
(PDF 2.3 MB) - Download as PDF
New lapp production plant, new logistics and service center, Year of the Dragon at Hanover Fair...
Cableworld - Issue 3/2011 Cableworld - Issue 3/2011
(PDF 1.1 MB) - Download as PDF
eMobility, new innovative servo cable, Lapp group's commitment to education, Lapp at the Indian film festival...
Cableworld - Issue 2/2011 Cableworld - Issue 2/2011
(PDF 2.5 MB) - Download as PDF
Innovations at Hanover Fair, ÖLFLEX® world tour, EPIC® ULTRA housing, oscar Lapp Research Prize, underwater cable applications...