SERVO cables

Designers of servo systems for fast-paced automated environments must contend with multiple challenges. For example, running servo cables from a drive to the machine across a factory floor can cause logistical and electrical problems, while the cables themselves must withstand constant flexing and ever-increasing servo motor accelerations and decelerations. Add to that, servo cable must endure tough environmental conditions while satisfying applicable code requirements. 

LAPP USA can help machine designers meet these and other challenges with a comprehensive lineup of OLFLEX® flexible motor, power, encoder and communication cables and assemblies for servo motors and drives. LAPP servo cables can withstand oils, chemicals and flames and offer good mechanical resistance as demonstrated in LAPP’s UL-verified Continuous Flex Method testing process.* And LAPP can ensure they meet the appropriate codes and standards.

LAPP’s broad range of servo solutions can accommodate popular motor standards such as Rockwell Collins, Siemens, Lenze, SEW and ANDROMAT. That’s why LAPP USA is your one-stop shop for flexible and static interconnection solutions for demanding high-motion automated systems. Be sure to contact our technical sales support to find the product that’s right for your application.

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