Flexible Cable for Drives, Motors & Assemblies

Machine designers must account for several application details when choosing the right motor and drive cable for variable speed equipment. VFD cables need to be highly flexible, oil-resistant and designed for both hot and cold temperatures. Servo applications can be equally daunting: Not only should the cables be highly flexible, they must also reliably handle punishing acceleration and deceleration rates. LAPP offers a full lineup of OLFLEX® flexible cable for a wide range of motors and drives, including specialized designs for both VFD and servo applications.


For VFD applications, several styles of highly flexible industrial cables are available to meet different needs. For example, certain styles feature special insulation with enhanced electrical properties suitable for 2kV applications, while others include slim versions with reduced diameters and cable with an additional control pair for a brake or temperature sensor.

Applications include VFD motor and drive connections, pumps and compressors, conveyors, elevators, HVAC, and other variable speed applications. Highly flexible servo cable is available for both stationary and continuous flex applications in various styles.

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