Factory Floor product selection map

Automation Diagram with numbers



1.) UNITRONIC® BUS FD BUS                                        9.) ETHERLINE® TORSION

     Continuous flex bus cable                                               Industrial Ethernet cable for torsion movement


2.) UNITRONIC® BUS TRAY                                           10.) UNITRONIC® LAN

      Fieldbus cable for stationary tray applications             Ethernet cable for structured building cabling


3.) UNTIRONIC® BUS PB TORSION                              11.) ÖLFLEX®

     PROFIBUS cable for torsion movement                          Power and control cable             


4.) UNITRONIC® BUS PB FESTOON                              12.) HITRONIC®                

     PROFIBUS cable for cable trolleys                                    Optical fiber cable  


5.) UNITRONIC® BUS                                                       13.) EPIC®

     Fieldbus cabling for controllers like PLCs                       Rectangular and circular connectors


6.) ETHERLINE®                                                               14.) SKINTOP®

   Data cable and connectors                                                   Strain relief cable glands


7.) ETHERLINE® CAT.6A                                                15.) SILVYN®         

     Cabling for camera systems                                             Protective cable conduit systems


8.) ETHERLINE® TRAY                                                    16.) FLEXIMARK®

      Industrial Ethernet cable for tray applications              Cable marking systems