Oil & Gas

LAPP's cabling solutions deliver reliable network performance and energy transfer under the oil and gas industry’s harsh conditions. Our extensive line of wires, cables, cable accessories, industrial connectors and strain relief cable glands incorporate robust construction, insulation and jacketing so they can stand up to the many rigors of deep well/drilling environments, such as oil resistance, high heat and flames, corrosion, sunlight and UV, and crush and impacts. LAPP's cables are well-suited for use with motors and VFD drives in refinery operations, thanks to their surge protection and EMI shielding features.

Oil Gas2

This combination of outstanding insulation, protection, electrical corrosion and temperature resistance means you can rely on LAPP's oil and gas cable and wire products to perform over a long lifetime and deliver a higher return on your investment.

The products listed below are recommended for oil & gas applications: