Machinery Building Solutions

Industrial machinery is increasingly expected to do more — deliver more power, process more data and run continuously. And although they operate in some very inhospitable environments, their interconnections must be durable and dependable to support today’s demands.

LAPP's extensive line of cables, cable accessories, industrial connectors, and strain relief cable glands are designed to provide the level of high performance, ruggedness and flexibility that complex industrial environments require. Not only do they stand up to the rigors of harsh environments, they conform to the prevalent standards and protocols across the factory floor.

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LAPP cable and wire products successfully handle many of machine builders and designers' most common concerns, including temperature variances, caustic chemicals, EMI and RFI noise, bending and extreme mechanical stresses, or even multiple interconnected processes that share a main control center. That means they can confidently transmit power and data to and from their machines over reliable, long-lasting cables and connectors.

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