Wind Energy

Many experts believe that the earth’s fossil fuel supplies will be depleted and that the future lies in renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources, such as wind energy, which has developed into a significant market.

Reliability and durability are essential to achieving successful results, particularly in wind turbine systems operations where equipment is exposed to a variety of intense weather-related threats, such as lightning strikes, and excessive flexing/twisting.


Lapp’s high-performance wire, cables, cable accessories, connectors and glands are expertly designed to withstand humidity, condensation, vibration, extreme temperatures, exposure to oil and electromagnetic interference. Their superior reliability and durability can help you protect your investment by ensuring consistent operation and maximum uptime.


Our goal is to not only offer quality products, that have been subjected to stringent tests, but to build relationships with our customers and work together, within the context of projects and industry-specific requirements, to create optimized, custom-tailored solutions.


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The products listed below are recommended for wind energy applications: