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Robots have come to play such an integral role in a variety of industries that robot technology has become one of the most dynamic areas for development. Lapp offers products that also continue to evolve to meet the demands of robotic operations.

Robotic Arms

Increasingly considered a crucial element of complex production processes and being used throughout entire industries, robots, and their corresponding cables, components and cable systems are also always in motion and constantly exposed to intense conditions.


With our superior products, you can ensure accurate, reliable performance and higher manufacturing productivity, while avoiding major downtime and lost production. These are just a few reasons to partner with a company that delivers expertly engineered products that are rigorously tested for high performance and durability

Our team of experts is glad to work with you in identifying the best product for your application needs and answer any questions you might have.


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The products listed below are recommended for robotic applications:

ÖLFLEX® Robot 900

Multi-conductor cable transmitting control and monitoring signals, as well as power.


Robotic Cable for Continuous Twisting Motion with UL/CSA AWM

I 304 Series Instrumentation

UL/CSA 300V PLTC ITC with Individually Shielded Pairs/Triads and an Overall Shield (ISOS)


Communication cable designed for continuous flexing in industrial signal and bus applications.


Designed to support the robust demands of high speed industrial control environments.


Designed to provide reliable network communications on Torsion Flexing applications.


Liquid tight, spiral strain relief ideally suited for hand help equipment, moving machinery & robotics.


Designed with an insulated spiral steel spring with a PVC jacket which creates a continuous flexing conduit.


Designed with a PVC insulated spiral spring and a PUR jacket to provide a durable continuous flexing conduit.

EPIC® Industrial Connectors

Provide secure and reliable electrical connections for OEM Equipment and Factory Automation Systems.

Custom Cable Assemblies
Populated Tracks

Custom populated cable carriers and assemblies to meet demands of high flex to stationary applications.

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