ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cables

More and more companies are taking advantage of LAPP ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cable technology, for machine and plant control. LAPP Ethernet systems such as EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET®, and EtherCAT®, were specifically developed for industrial applications.



ETHERLINE® industrial Ethernet cables, connectors, and tools

Our Ethernet systems allow you to use one communication system throughout all areas of your facility. These systems require fewer interfaces to connect unlimited numbers of locations. LAPP’s ETHERLINE® products offer the most advantages for commercial fieldbus systems.


• High data transmission rate for fast information exchange

• Improved efficiency and work-flow

• Company-wide access to data and applications

• Better monitoring and control for optimized manufacturing processes

• Simple, unlimited expansion possibilities

• Fast assembly due to connection technology with RJ45 or M12

• Dynamic bandwidth adjustment with 10/100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit up to a current 10 Gbit/s


LAPP’s ETHERLINE® products are designed to provide secure, fast and reliable solutions for today’s most demanding Ethernet needs. However, they are also crafted to meet developing Ethernet requirements that will be become more prevalent within future automation applications.

ETHERLINE® product lines provide dependable real-time control within automated industrial facilities of all types and sizes. ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet cables easily withstand environments requiring more rugged and robust connectors and cables, greater flexibility, and faster response times. Our systems are comprised of durable and robust cables and connection components for passive network technology. LAPP ETHERLINE®  Industrial Ethernet technology delivers an effective solution for virtually any application.

ETHERLINE® offers a full range of CAT.5 to CAT.7 cable and connection options across multiple protocols. These are also available in everything from stationary cable, flexible, and continuous flexing, to torsion-rated cables.


Industrial Ethernet cable categories:

 Category  Max. Transmission Rate  Bandwidth
CAT.5/5e  Up to 100 MHz  Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit), Gigabit Ethernet
 CAT.6  Up to 250 MHz  Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
 CAT.6A  Up to 500 MHz  10 Gigabit Ethernet
 CAT.7  Up to 600 MHz  10 Gigabit Ethernet
  CAT.7A  Up to 1 GHz  10 Gigabit Ethernet (current max!)



The most common industrial Ethernet protocols include:

 Ethernet Standard Supporting Company  User Organization
   Siemens  PROFIBUS
   Rockwell  ODVA
   B&R Automation  EPSG
   Beckhoff  ETG
   Schneider Electric  Modbus-IDA
   Bosch Rexroth  Sercos