Center for Competence & Testing

The Lapp Center for Competence and Innovation is a key asset in the development of industry leading and innovative solutions for our customers. We validate designs of high performance Industrial Cables, Industrial Connectors, Strain Relief Cable Glands and Accessories through continuous testing.

THE LAPP North American laboratory is certified by UL under its Data Acceptance Program (DAP) as a Client Test Data Program (CTPD) laboratory.  In addition to being a UL certified lab, we are CSA certified under their Supervised Manufacture's Testing for Certification (SMTC) Program.  These programs mean that our equipment and test methods have been audited and certified to precisely meet the same requirements as at LU & CSA test facilities.

This facility is a key asset for LAPP's development, testing, and validation of products.  With the ability to simulate specific end-use applications and environments we are able to confirm our product performance based on LAPP attribute rating.  We welcome all LAPP customers to visit our lab and witness product testing specific to their end-use applications and requirement first hand.