Welcome to the LAPP North America- Your Partner in High Performance Cabling Technologies

With our commitment to quality management, our Center for Competence and Innovation, and our strict adherence to international regulations and safety standards, there is no better choice no matter what your application. LAPP products are used in:

  • Industrial Communication – LAPP is a premier solution provider when it comes to industrial automation. Popular products for automated applications include UNITRONIC® Bus and ETHERLINE® industrial Ethernet.
  • Automotive Wire and Cable – LAPP North America manufactures numerous power, signal, and data, solutions for a wide range of automotive applications. Our ÖLFLEX® line is particularly suited for these uses, with options that are flexible, resistant to oil, coolants, and solvents, and stand up to high temperatures. 
  • Food & Beverage – Our FDA-approved food and beverage connectivity solutions resist bacteria and other contaminants to maximize food safety. We produce products suitable for direct food contact and indirect contact from splashing.
  • Material Handling – When connectivity in motion is a must, LAPP is your go-to supplier. Our products are used in everything from automated storage and retrieval to conveyors.
  • Machinery Building Solutions – With our high performance cables, connectors, and accessories, you’ll have the flexibility and durability you need to get the job done. Let us help you implement your designs with custom cable assemblies.
  • Robotics – LAPP is a premier robotic cable carrier, offering high-flex cables, high-torsion Ethernet cables, circular and rectangular connectors, and more. 
  • Motors – Our Motor & Drive Assemblies, Populated Tracks, and ÖLFLEX® servo and VFD cables, our wide range of cables and solutions are ideal for interconnection in both high motion applications and stationary systems.
  • Plant Construction & Engineering – Whether you are expanding your industrial plant or building new capacity, our multi-conductor TC tray cables, Ethernet cables, and custom cable assemblies will help you optimize performance, routing, and flexibility.
  • Oil & Gas – The oil and gas industry demands durability. LAPP’s industrial cable and wire products are resistant to corrosion, insulated against extreme temperatures, and protected against harsh sunlight and UV exposure. Our SILVYN® conduits products are frequently used for oil and gas applications.
  • Wind Energy – LAPP wind turbine tray cables, flexible control cables, industrial connectors, and custom cable assemblies are designed to withstand the elements, whether it’s humidity or a lightning strike, to maintain turbine operation.