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This tool offers the possibility to find product information and technical tables for Lapp cables, connectors and acessories, directly using the seach bar. If you don't find the desired information in the list of search terms (a-Z), please use the free text search, to get the desired result.
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A.C. Resistance

The total resistance offered by a device in an alternating current circuit due to inductive and capacitive effects, as well as the direct current resistance.

American Association of Railroads
Abrasion Resistance
Ability of a wire, cable or material to resist surface wear.
Cause for attenuation of a fibre optic cable.
Accelerated Aging
Tests where voltage, temperature, etc., are increased above normal operating conditions to obtain observable deterioration in a relatively short period of time. The plotted results give expected service life under normal conditions.

Aluminum conductor material.

Abbreviation for Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio. The ACR value indicates the relationship between the near-end crosstalk and the attenuation at a certain frequency.
Active Current
In an alternating current, a component in phase with the voltage; the working component as distinguished from the idle or watt less component.
Active Pressure
In an A.C. circuit the pressure that produces a current as distinguished from the voltage impressed upon the circuit.
Address bus
System of associated cables, to which address bits can be transferred.

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