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Superior Products for a Variety of Industries


Lapp recognizes the importance of automation engineering, particularly in manufacturing and processing, and the critical role reliable cable technology plays in this evolving industry.


Cable solutions for the automotive industry have been the cornerstone of our company since the beginning and, with our ultra flexible range of cables, we have become the preferred supplier.


Lapp’s extensive line of products is ideally suited for industrial machinery because they provide the level of high performance and flexibility that complex manufacturing requires.


Robots have come to play such an integral role in a variety of industries that robot technology has become one of the most dynamic areas for development.

Motors & Drives

Lapp offers system solution for motors and drives applications in virtually any industrial applications.

Plant Construction & Engineering

Lapp offers a wide range of cables that are specifically designed and tested for tray applications and offer unrivaled reliability, flexibility and durability.

Oil & Gas

Cables used in oil & gas applications are exposed to harsh conditions, such as extreme cold, high heat, chemicals, and rigorous flexing.

Food & Beverage

Our products are designed to withstand wash-downs, and other abusive conditions for the demanding hygiene and cleanliness requirements of the food and beverage industry.

Wind Energy

Our cables are designed to meet the specific demands of harsh industrial and mission-critical environments, such as those in the wind energy industry.


Due to increasing concern regarding global scarcity of fossil fuels and customers’ growing demand for renewable energy sources, the use and development of photovoltaic technology is on the rise.

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